This Place is Elbow Deep (coming up soon at scuplture square)

Is What (boatship is now boatshipyacht! project completed in 2012)

Circa 1993-1994 (2010 project include text, drawing, and sculpture)

The Letter (about my eyebrow, and works pre-2009)

LA Couple (collaboration with Juka Araikawa 2004-2007)

Past a Stupid (review, distance, and new friend in 2009)

Eversince, Audition for Day Dream (exhibition in Seoul 2009 info)

Head In Loop Loop Loop Loop (collaboration with Mark Thia, Post-Musuem, now with documentation and review by Huang Z'ming )


Selected Works (a portfolio if you will, theatercats if you will)

hayama project (collective based in yokohama, japan)

FOXRIVER (new shows coming up for second half of 2012)

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all copyright 2011

mike hj chang