Dear Whomever This May Concern,

You Don’t Need Two, on going since 2003

I, mike h.j. chang, occasionally shave one of my eyebrows.  I realized that eyebrows, on the scale of usefulness, are ranked pretty low. (free brows here)

This project is a part of my investigation of things/ideas that are on the brink of our everyday experience which are too often overlooked or taken for granted.  Other projects that share similar sentiment: a coming-soon documentary of How the “#” Sign End up on Our Phones, a performance that address The Importance of Moisture, a speaking performance that explains the reason Why We Sit (on Chair, a Monologue), a semi auto-biographical, semi documentary about the Smallest Republic in the World, Nauru, and Fresh Veggies on Parked Cars, and let's not forget, Vampires Hidden Among Us.

Of course, it if unfair to say that a country like Nauru is not important. It is important. Speakin of important things, my dog, Bacon, for example, has a very special place in my heart. Also eating. Eating Three Times a Day is important. My mom always emphasises that. Lastly, not least, Can You Imagine a World Without the Right Angle?

I suppose i am trying to say is, the line between what is important and what isn't is not so interesting. What is facinating though, is that the distinction we drawn is essential for us humans, to understand value, functionality, high/low brow art, and maybe, just maybe, meaning(of life?)*

Not to get carry away with grand statements, let's go back to the eyebrow thing. If it is regard almost useless, why not shave both of them? Why leave just one?


A. It looks funny that way

B. It has something to do with the arts

C. Symmetry is overrated (postion of the our hearts)

D. All of Above

Fortunatly, I do not have the answer.

Till next time,

mike hj chang

summer 2008

p.s. i recently finished from Calarts. we had our graduate exhibition at chinatown, Los Angeles

p.s.s. this website, in a way, was inspired by my favorite author, Donald Barthelme.

p.s.s.s. this is embarrasing, but if you would like to buy me a gift, buy me this. it would make me so happy!

p.s.s.s.s. a little remembrance for my friends that passed away last year: mike chou and alice ko (We Thought IT was One Minute)

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